In our lives we come across and engage in various types of relationships: romantic, professional, familial, casual and many more. Relationships can be many things… but always fall under the categories of healthy or toxic.

Being in a toxic relationship can be emotionally suffocating. Even a lightly toxic relationship can lead to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. However, often times, people are unaware they are in one.

A toxic relationship can be one of the worst partnerships you may ever experience, and when you find yourself trapped in one, and your entire life can go on hold.

What is a toxic relationship?

Start by observing the thoughts running through your head, your partner constantly points out your flaws and failures, he or she tell you on a daily basis how you could have done things better.

When a relationship becomes toxic, every interaction in the relationship can feel wrong or out of place, be filled up with negative energy that makes both partners uncomfortable, angry, and disappointed.

If your partner tries to control you, how you spend your time and who you spend it with, they’re not respecting boundaries, and one of the more obvious signs of toxicity in a relationship is manipulation

A toxic relationship is one where your boundaries are not being respected by your partner, or you are not respecting theirs. If either of you is threatening the other’s privacy and independence, or is speaking to the other in a way that threatens their self-esteem or feeling of safety, the relationship is toxic.

A toxic relationship is a relationship that doesn’t nurture our personal wellbeing

A toxic relationship doesn’t permit us to be fully alive or find our true purpose in life.

Why do people crave a toxic or bad relationship?

The relationship could have started from the very moment we were born and if so, would have been heavily influenced by the relationships we had with our parents and the relationship we witnessed them having with each other. 

Because toxic people and toxic relationships are bad habits and bad habits are the hardest to break. You signed up for failure because you think that’s the best you can do.

Perhaps your entire life has revolved around people telling you you’re worthless. 

You’re not putting yourself or your needs first. You’re not loving yourself and being generous to yourself first. You’re not feeding your soul with worthiness, love and positive ambitions

How to Get Out of a Toxic Relationship

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship and have made the courageous decision that you need to get out of it, the first step is to find healthy support. Remember that you don’t have to do this alone.

Go find positive friends, family or groups who can support you, consider reaching out for professional help. A coach not only can help you identify a toxic relationship in the first place, but can also help guide you safely out of the relationship. Once you have support in place, then it’s time to talk to your partner and let them know the relationship is over. 

Your focus has to shift and every relationship is manifested into our lives as a mirror, because is a reflection of the relationship that we have with ourselves. If you are attracting toxic relationships, or continue nurturing our addiction to them, it’s because above all you have a toxic relationship with yourself.

Shed those tears, but most of all get in touch with your inner self. What has happened in your life that makes you feel unworthy of a healthy relationship. You are strong. You deserve all Good luck on your journey. Don’t ever let anyone take your power.

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